These are our most frequently asked questions

FieldInsight fully supports US, UK, NZ and Australian Businesses, it will work in any location with decent Google maps coverage. It is very flexible and will support the way you work. We have customers in the US, UK, AU, and NZ. Any questions please just ask.

Customer Service. FieldInsight provides tools to better serve your customers, encouraging repeat business and word of mouth advertising. Availability. Manage schedules, technicians and customers 24/7, anywhere from your mobile phone or computer. With FieldInsight everyone is on the same page, with instant updates to last minute job changes and messaging to keep on top of your schedule.

SMS are charged at 12.5c per SMS and billed separately once a month to the FieldInsight administrator. SMS messages sent from FieldInsight are sent from our server and not from your phone - you will only be changed for data usage when using FieldInsight on your mobile.

As a business expense FieldInsight is 100% tax deductible. For confirmation speak to your accountant or financial advisor.

We accept Visa or Mastercard for payments.

The trial is FREE - fully functional for 14 days. See our pricing page for the pricing packages per user after the trial ends.

Yes. FieldInsight employs industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. You have access to your data at anytime, there is a download feature which allows you to download all of your data any time you like.

No. All data is securely stored in our state of the art the web servers, this allows access to FieldInsight anywhere, anytime.

Yes. FieldInsight mobile features depend on an internet connection which is provided via your mobile signal.

You can access FieldInsight through any browser on your computer, phone or tablet, just open https://app.fieldinsight.com/ in your internet browser. All mobile features require a handset with access to the web. Your standard data charges apply.

A driver in the field with 8 jobs a day for 5 days a week, using the mapping functionality extensively would use approximately 80MB in a month. With a data plan of 1Gig a month, FieldInsight would use less than 1%.

A web browser on any computer with Internet access for the scheduling. And/or for Mobile driver access: A mobile phone with Internet access. Mobile Apps are accesible through any browser on https://app.fieldinsight.com/

There's lots of benefits to using FieldInsight, you will save time and money for your business. We recently did a calculation for a customer who saved $16,923 a month when he started using FiedlInsight. He gained a more efficient workflow with

  • less double entry
  • optimised driver route
  • address validation and maps
  • he got paid sooner because he could invoice on the job and collect the customers signature for the invoice

Yes. FieldInsight provides simple tools for larger organisations to manage multiple drivers, regions and schedules. You can also add several technicians to one job.

FieldInsight was originally designed with HVAC businesses in mind, they have very specific needs with lots of paperwork to keep track of. Saying that, FieldInsight will work with any field service business with or without staff. We have customers across many industries such as HVAC, plumbers, electrician, pest control and concrete pumping ranging from small businesses to large corporations.