Scheduling Software Testimonials

Recent results from customer survey.

Glenn from Five Star Locksmiths

Just a quick note to thank Paul and his amazing team for their mind blowing product and back up service. Originally I searched, and searched, and searched for a product like theirs and only found products that were so expensive and over complicated until a great friend of mine pointed me in his directing. The product has helped me double my business over the last 3 years and I now wouldn’t know what to do without scheduleflow. It is so easy to use for me and all of my staff and I can’t sing its praises high enough. I think every business that runs on road technicians would benefit greatly and run so much more smoothly with so much less hassle, and without the trays and trays of paper work and paper chase using the product. Well done scheduleflow and many thanks again from the team at Five Star Locksmiths.


Paula and Ian HalesLocal Garden Guy

Thank God for Schedule Flow as they have saved us so much pain and suffering. There is that transition of changing over your customers and getting up and running with your business which after over 10 years of running a business we know is just so important that all goes to plan and smoothly too. Paul and his wife are just so amazing to work with and they are there for you when ever you assistance. Not to mention how lovely and down to earth they are. We highly recommend this company for any one who needs to run an efficient business. This software is specially designed for all different businesses and it’s Australian too! Don’t wait, get on to it and get professional.

Steve MoranManning AV QL

How would you feel if you could no longer use ScheduleFlow? Very disappointed: I lost too many jobs from loosing customer details written on pieces of paper.
What is the primary benefit that you have received from ScheduleFlow? Previous customer and jobs lookup, customer database. Being able to schedule a job and confirm it on the spot without looking for a diary.

Jim Hynes(OwnerOperator) AV Installation VIC

Have you recommended Scheduleflow to others? Yes: A web based program that plans your week, stores all of your customers details and provides job mapping to save time.
What type of person do you think would benefit most from Scheduleflow? Tradespeople whose days can change by the hour.

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