Service Management Software

There are two important ways to simplify working out in the field with customers spread out.

One is to be able to capture the customer information with that first call, and validate you have the right address and you have booked the job in at a realistic time. At a time you wont be pushed to get to the customers address. With Scheduleflow’s service management software you can validate a customer’s address when you get the job or at least very soon afterwards.

The second part of the equation is when you are out in the field to be able to access your job and customer information quickly. This means you don’t lose time hunting for the customer’s address or contact details. You also want to be able to quickly identify where the customer is in relation to you.  With the rapid growth of smart phones i.e. web enabled phones, which allow you to access GPS and rich mapping apps you and your team have access to technology which can greatly save you time and money.

We want you to be able to co-ordinate your days ahead with a clear view of your next day and week ahead. And while in a busy day to quickly be able to get access to relevant information, contact details, address details, jobs for the day and an actual map with the address flagged on it.

Using Android and iPhones which are integrated with Scheduleflow you get this really exceptionally rich experience, in a phone you already have and a monthly subscription.

Service Management Software has now become really accessible.