Work Schedule Software Deserves a Blue Ribbon

Where is my dining room set?  You were supposed to be here two hours ago!  I’ve got a house full of guests coming for dinner in a few hours and you promised it would be here on time!  I am never going to use your company again!’

That is a familiar rant to James, a good man who owns a small furniture store that has been in his family for generations, and he has heard it too many times.  As he listens to another angry customer, he rubs his temples in an attempt to stave off the inevitable headache.  He realises it’s his fault when he later discovered  he scheduled the dining set delivery at the same time as another delivery across town, both with the same driver, because he didn’t write one of the appointments in his paper calendar.  He just can’t seem to balance all the deliveries, is constantly double-booking, or is often unable to locate a phone number or address buried under the mountain of paperwork littering his desk.  He knows his company is in crisis, and if something doesn’t change immediately, he will lose his business, disappointing his father, and himself.

Work Schedule Software

Work Schedule Software

Work Schedule Software Turns Failure Into Success

James perused the internet to search for help.  What he discovered erased his constant stress, kept his remaining clientele, and even gained him new customers.  James found a work schedule software program that streamlined his entire business, and made his father proud.

James could now easily eradicate his double-booking issue, keep track of where all his delivery drivers are, have all client contact information readily available, and immediately rearrange jobs with his drivers should a client need to change a date or time. With Schedule Flow, his new work schedule software, he can contact all of his drivers instantly by email or SMS message, keep tabs on what jobs have been completed, which drivers are available for new jobs, and keep his clients informed of any delays, which they very much appreciate.  He recognises that most people, if told there will be a delay, will be agreeable, understanding that some things just can’t be avoided, like traffic or the truck breaking down.

An Online Calendar That Does Everything But the Delivery For You

When James got an order, he simply looked at his online calendar, saw which days and times were open for deliveries, and entered the client’s name and contact information, which a driver could instantly access, pulling up a map and directions as well.  Drivers could view their jobs for the entire week at a glance, and they could confirm deliveries or any changes with their customers right away.  Clients could also access this calendar, view dates that were free, and schedule a delivery themselves, and James just had to schedule a driver for the job.

This software saved James’ business.  He saw clients were satisfied, employees less frustrated, and those headaches?  Well, the money he saved buying aspirin bought the software!

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An Appointment Scheduler You Can’t Spill Coffee on

If you are a business owner, you know the most important aspect is customer service.  Without your customers, you have no business.  Your goal is to keep your existing customers happy and satisfied, and to continually attract new customers to increase revenue.  This is what makes a business successful.  With any business, problems occur that are sometimes beyond your control.   But for businesses that involve field workers, such as plumbers, electricians and repairmen, the problem of keeping track of their appointments, customer information, work orders and so much more, is a big problem that can cost an owner clients.  And lost clients equals lost income.

Appointment Scheduler Software Makes You Money

Have you ever been unable to contact a field technician?  Have you ever had a field tech forget his calendar and not know what appointments he has scheduled for the day?  Have you ever had a field tech break down, or get stuck in traffic on the way to a job and have no way to contact the client?  Or have a client change an appointment time and have to make numerous phone calls to rearrange jobs?  If so, then you are losing money.  But every single one of these problems wouldn’t be problems if you tossed your old-fashioned paper calendar and started using an online appointment scheduler.  One of the best available is Schedule Flow, and it will save you bundles of time and money.  With its numerous amazing features, you are free to optimise your time doing what you do best – taking care of your customers. technician availability

Schedule Flow Lives Up To Its Name

Remember this, always – Time is Money.   An online appointment scheduler can do more than just automate appointments.   Just look at what Schedule Flow can do:

  • Keep track of all field jobs and let your field techs know immediately if they have a job change, or time change.
  • Allows your workers to easily access client contact information and maps.
  • Ability to confirm appointments with clients, as well as informing them if a field tech is running behind schedule.
  • Balance jobs evenly among your workers.
  • Clients can view job availability online and book appointments accordingly.
  • Prevents double-booking of jobs.
  • Saves customer information and service history for future use.
  • Increased productivity instead of wasted hours on phone calls and searching scraps of paper for client information.
  • Eliminates employee scheduling conflicts.
  • Streamlines your entire business.

Never again will you make a verbal agreement with a customer for a job, guessing the date and time is available, because your coffee stained paper calendar is still sitting on your desk.  Never again will you have to jot down an appointment on your electric bill envelope with the intention of transferring it to your calendar later, and then completely forgetting about it, resulting in a lost client.  With everything online, you will have “flow” to your “schedule,” relieving stress, saving time, and making money.


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Scheduling Software is the New Paper Calendar

Scheduling Software Saves More Than Just Time

Scheduling Software Saves More Than Just Time

Joe is an electrician, and is on the way to a job for a client who wants his kitchen rewired.  Suddenly he is at a dead stop, and sees that an accident has occurred just up ahead and he is now sitting in traffic.  He reaches for his phone to call his client, and then discovers he left his phone in the office.  Meanwhile, his client is getting increasingly agitated that Joe is late.  Joe is also unaware that he was scheduled to install some lighting fixtures at a new restaurant opening tomorrow at the same time as his kitchen rewire job, and the restaurant manager is extremely angry and anxious.  Someone at the office double-booked Joe, and now Joe, and two clients are frustrated and unhappy.

A Breakdown in Communication is Costly

After Joe’s rough day, he met a few friends for a drink.  Joe ranted to his buddies about the frustrations of being out in the field without communication.  One of his good friends owns a plumbing and air conditioning business, and told Joe about something that saved his business money, kept his clients and employees happy, and most of all made running a successful business that requires field work easier and more professional.  He recently got “Schedule Flow,” time scheduling software that is completely online, so he and his field techs are always in constant communication.

Scheduling Software Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

If Joe had Schedule Flow that frustrating day, he would have been able to send an SMS message directly to his client explaining his delay.  Even if he hadn’t forgotten his phone, this would have required that he call his office to have someone locate the client’s number, and then make a second call to the client.  And scheduling software would also never allowed Joe to be double-booked, because this online appointment calendar allows you to see exactly the dates and times an appointment is already scheduled.

Joe told his boss all about this online appointment book and how it can help avoid the communication and scheduling problems the business has been suffering.  He raved to him about the following features:

  • No more paper calendars that get spilled on, forgotten in the office or lost.  An online scheduler is available everywhere you can access the internet.
  • Easy to use – just set up your availability hours and simply enter the client’s name and contact information when they request your services.
  • Capable of sending clients SMS messages reminding them of appointments times, or if you are experiencing any delays and why.
  • When a client needs to reschedule an appointment, you can see immediately if an employee is available, saving you the time of checking and then calling back the customer.

These are just a few of the advantages to having an online appointment calendar.  But the best thing all business owners with this software say is how much time it saves them and how satisfied their customers, and employees are.

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Online Scheduling Software Makes a Scheduling Crisis Obsolete

Work Schedule Software Saves the Day

Work Schedule Software Saves the Day

Lisa is overworked and extremely stressed.  She owns a home remodeling business, which used to be successful.  But in the last several months, as she obtained more clients, and therefore more staff, scheduling appointments for meetings and projects has become a nightmare.  Every morning she has a routine.  She meets with all her employees, and they all sit around a big conference table with their paper calendars, and Lisa goes around giving each their appointments for the day, which they dutifully jot down.  The entire process takes over an hour.  Keeping track of everyone’s schedule has become almost impossible, and lately she has been double-booking appointments, causing her to lose a few clients.  Something has to change.

Welcome to Online Scheduling Software Lisa!

Although Lisa has always been a paper and pen kind of gal, she knew she had to sever her attachment to her beloved paper calendar.  It was costing her time and money, and causing her clients, and even her employees, to become extremely frustrated.  She had often been jotting down appointments on bits of paper or even napkins, which sometimes did or didn’t make the transfer to her calendar, which was the reason, she discovered, for her over-booking appointments.

So she wrote one final thing on her calendar – “Get online scheduling software today!”  And after getting Schedule Flow, one of the top-rated online appointment calendars available, things have been looking up  –  way up.  Schedule Flow allows her to always have her entire staff’s schedules with her wherever she goes, and her clients and employees can access it whenever they need to.

How Schedule Flow Helped Lisa’s Business Improve

When clients call Lisa for a meeting with her, or one of her contractors, all she has to do is enter the client’s name and contact information on a certain date and time.  Once the appointment is scheduled, the client’s address can be pulled up from Google Maps, and all employees can pull up this information on their phone or IPad.  Job reassignments and appointment changes can be done easily.  Lisa and her employees can view their schedules for the day, or even the whole week, and can see instantly if they have been reassigned to a different job, or a time change has occurred, avoiding the dreaded double-booking, and saving massive amounts of time on the numerous phone calls it would require.

With her online scheduling software, Lisa is also able to quickly access when her employees are scheduled to arrive at work, and she can compare their finished work with the total hours each logged, so she can decipher if some employees are not being as productive as they should, therefore wasting valuable company time and money.

With so many more wonderful features, Lisa now has the time to spend on what matters most – increasing sales and making money.  She sometimes misses her paper calendar, so she framed her favorite month and hung it on the wall to remind her that “time” is “money.”

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A Funny Break with an Angry Granny at an Accident

This could have been any of your tech’s out in the field, it is a hilarious recording of a conversation from a worker in the field watching a traffic incident. :)

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Why Use Online Time Scheduling Software?

Schedule Flow - The Industry Choice for Online Time Scheduling Software

Schedule Flow – The Industry Choice for Online Time Scheduling Software

Desktop time scheduling software is very common in many businesses. It conveniently allows you to digitize all of your scheduled appointments and lets employees see the schedule when they are at the office. However, there are a few downsides to desktop time scheduling software. For example, a desktop time schedule can only be accessed in the office, an inconvenience for employees who travel.  Thankfully, problems like that can be solved by using an online time scheduling software service.

Time Scheduling Software Makes Employee Communication Easy

When you have a business that involves sending employees far and wide to meet with clients, communication between employees or management can be tough. If an employee can only access their schedule or appointment book while at the office, then they will still need to bring a paper appointment book with them. This of course defeats the purpose of a digital time scheduling software.

By moving the time schedule onto an online location, employees can access their schedule any time of day or night. And in today’s age of smart phones, employees can see their schedule literally everywhere.

A quality time scheduling software service will also offers other services that increase communication. For example, Schedule Flow, one of the best services out there, allows you to email or send SMS messages to your employees with their schedule or with any changes.

Never Fear A Computer Crash Again

Has your computer ever crashed during one of your most busy times of year? Have you panicked, searching for paper records and other contact information so that you can track down clients? Did you even lose clients during such a crisis?

One of the benefits of using online time scheduling software is that your schedule is not stored on your computer. Schedule Flow, for example, stores all of your data on secure web servers. You can access your schedule anywhere, any time. Losing your client information or appointment book will never have to be a fear for you again.

Online Time Scheduling Software Connects You With Customers

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and unable to find a customer’s phone number? Did you show up to the meeting late and frazzled? Appearing unprofessional is a surefire way to scare off new customers. Online time scheduling software can help you with this. For example, with Schedule Flow, you can have an SMS message sent directly to the customer in real time, alerting them of any delays. With just a desktop time schedule, this would require a phone call or two between you and other employees as they searched for the customer’s number. Using Schedule Flow, you can arrive to a customer who is happy to be well informed and is pleased with the swift, real time alerts. Your customers will never be stuck waiting around all day, unaware of when you will be there. Using Schedule Flow will keep your stress levels down and save customers from any wasted time.

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Why Use Online Appointment Booking?

Schedule Flow - Online Appointment Booking Software

Schedule Flow – Online Appointment Booking Software

Are you attached to your paper calendar? Love the feel of a book in your hands and the sense of satisfaction as you manually cross out your accomplishments. But in this day and age, how feasible is it to lug around a calendar? How many times throughout the week do you leave it sitting on your desk? Do you write down appointment times on scraps of paper and lose them? Online appointment booking allows you to have your appointment book with you where you go, and allows clients and employees to access it whenever they need to. While the classic feel of a personal calendar may make you feel professional, it’s probably time to upgrade.

How Exactly Does Online Appointment Booking work?

Have you ever had a client call while you are out of the office, asking for your availability? Did you have to hang up, call the office, have someone find your calendar, then call the client back twenty minutes later? Is this a constant source of embarrassment or frustration? Online appointment booking is what you’ve been looking for.

Online appointment booking is easy and painless to learn. All you need is to buy the right online appointment service. You set your availability hours and watch them as they fill up. With online appointment booking, all you need to do is fill in the client’s name and contact information. Using an online appointment booking system is a great option for those who travel or have employees who do, because the appointment book is available everywhere you can access the Internet. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your calendar home again.

Not Tech Savvy?

Are you worried that the hassle of transferring your paper appointment book to an online format isn’t really worth it? That learning to use a new system will take too much time for employees or you to learn?

Schedule Flow is here to help. Schedule Flow will provide you with 24/7 customer support. Our online appointment booking software is the most user-friendly out there. Furthermore, when you use online appointment booking with Schedule Flow, you don’t just get an online calendar, you get a wide range of other services as well.

Would you like for your clients to receive SMS messages reminding them of their appointment time? Imagine how much of time would be save each day if you no longer had to call customers. Do you find it difficult to find time during the day to talk to clients, especially those who need to reschedule? Online appointment booking allows the client to change their appointment, and Schedule Flow will send you an SMS message alerting you to the change. SMS messages can also be sent to employees on the road, ensuring they have the most up to date information.

Online appointment booking allows you to free up your time, so that you can actually work at your job, rather than work to schedule time for clients.

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When Can an Online Appointment Scheduler Help You?

Schedule Flow in Action!

Schedule Flow in Action!

Imagine that you’re starting up your new business. You want to go the extra mile and offer amazing service, and insist on meeting clients in person. This is easy to accomplish when you first start out and only you have maybe two clients a day. But as your business grows in popularity, you begin to hire new employees and meet with more clients. This is great for you, until you get your dates mixed up and schedule two clients at the same time. You go to your employees, asking one to take the job, but they are booked up too. You will have to reschedule on a client in short notice, risking the loss of a potential customer and bad reviews. You provide quality service but a client may not get a chance to learn that if you constantly reschedule.

An online appointment scheduler can ensure that as your business grows, you don’t lose the opportunity to get to know clients. Freeing up your time, an online appointment scheduler allows you to focus your energy on your clients, instead of your schedule.

You Decide To Give An Online Appointment Scheduler A Chance 

Let’s say you get Schedule Flow, a popular online appointment scheduler. You’re nervous at first, having never used online booking before. Your first few weeks using Schedule Flow run smoothly. Clients can see your availability online and book appointments immediately. You notice you don’t spend nearly as much time on the phone booking appointments or with your nose buried in a calendar.

Then a crisis happens. One of your clients cancels an appointment during your busiest week and they want to reschedule. Before Schedule Flow, you would have had to call every employee and ask him or her for their availability. It would be stressful and waste time. But with Schedule Flow, you can see immediately what times are available. You fit the client in for the next day, and the employee who will now meet with the client receives and SMS message notifying him or her of the change.

Experience The Advantages of An Online Appointment Scheduler

The benefits of Schedule Flow don’t stop there. The client who had to reschedule will remember how swiftly you fit him or her in. She or he will tell their friends, families, and coworkers about your great customer service.

It’s not just your clients who will benefit, either. Your employees will have better quality work, because they are never stressed out about fitting new clients in at the last minute. Your business will continue to run smoothly. You will find that now you have the time and energy to focus on improving your sales. The time you spent on the phone booking clients will now be spent meeting with them or helping employees. Your business will continue to grow, but new clients will never mean increased stress, only increased profits. An Online Appointment Scheduler is a must have for any business in today’s day and age.

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Choosing the Right Appointment Scheduler

Choosing the Right Appointment Scheduler

Choosing the Right Appointment Scheduler

Your business is starting to grow. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that you can no longer run your business on your own and you are going to have to hire someone in the office to help you. A growing business is a good thing. But hiring someone new and having to train them takes time, which there never seems to be enough of already.

The Tale of Two Appointment Schedulers

You put an ad in the paper for an office person. The job is simple, the hours are basic, and the pay is minimum. The position is geared for a young person who needs a summer job or is just out of school and needs a job – period. The only thing that could possibly be worse is a relative who needs a job.

So you proceed with the interviews and because you need to hire someone quickly because business is growing so rapidly, you hire the first girl who seems like she has it together. We’ll call her Amy.

This is Amy’s first real job, other than babysitting, so she needs to be told everything. You instruct her on how to answer the phone and how to gather the information needed to set an appointment. This all sounds simple until you meet Amy.

She can answer the phone properly but that’s where it ends. Getting the right information is a challenge. Let’s just say that Amy isn’t detail oriented. She can write the customer’s name down but has trouble reading her own handwriting later on. Is the address 1720 Winters Road or 1702 Winters Boulevard? And then she forgot if she told them a time for their appointment or not.

Enter Schedule Flow

Instead of spending your time trying to train Amy, simply teach her how to implement our Appointment Scheduler software. All she needs to do is input the customer’s information – name, address, and phone number. There doesn’t need to be any deciphering later. It will all be on the computer and accessible to you and your team.

Once the basic info is put into the program, the appointment is set and confirmed, the address is located through Google Maps, and any team member can pull this information up on his or her phone or iPad. The job can easily be reassigned without having to go through two or three phone calls to pass along the name, phone number, and address.

You can view the schedule for the day or the week at a glance. Assign jobs or reassign them all through your mobile phone. Find the first available opening or be able to squeeze in an emergency all within minutes. You’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. You can even confirm appointments through a standardized text or email. Once the information is in your computer the schedule, directions, and customer history are generated and easily accessible while on the road.

Don’t be intimidated by it. The Schedule Flow software is even easy enough for Amy.

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Time Scheduling Software for Small Business

Time Scheduling Software for Small Business

Time Scheduling Software for Small Business

Every day you put your heart and soul into your business, spending every spare moment you get on making it better, but a few of your employees just don’t have the same boundless enthusiasm that you do.

While you are bending over backwards trying to make sure things go smoothly, these employees slack off; and while you skip lunch to handle a client’s emergency, they take an extra five or ten minutes on break.

Most of us have been there, and chances are if you haven’t, you will be soon.

It can be aggravating when you see your money go towards paying people to sit around, but you can’t watch your entire workforce’s every move, it would be very inconvenient, not to mention overbearing. What you can do, however,
is make sure you are getting your money’s worth, and a job well done.

Time Is Money

I don’t think anyone likes when their boss starts to hang around. It makes people nervous! Not only does it disrupt productivity by distracting employees from their goals, but it can also create a rushed, uncomfortable work environment, that collapses the moment the boss leaves.

An occasional pop-in to check on productivity is both expected and necessary, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, stalk your employees. What you need in this situation, is a system that can be your eyes, subtly letting you know which employees are hard at work, while providing constant accountability to keep the slackers on track. With time scheduling software, that’s exactly what you have.

You can also view when each employee is scheduled to come into work, and compare the work they have completed with their total hours logged to create a productivity chart. You can defer more tasks to idle employees, and even use the software to create incentives, such as the most productive employee in an hour receives an extra 5 minute break.

The opportunities for solving employee disputes extends far beyond just shifts and hours; there’s no guess work, no one is grumbling about their boss hanging over their shoulder, and the employees that are working hard, can more easily be recognized for their efforts.

Time Scheduling Software for Small Business

Even if you don’t have dozens of employees on your payroll, a time scheduling software can erase scheduling conflicts for part time or full time workers, and make it all much easier to keep track of.

For instance, Steve and Liz are both full time employees, and they both want off next Thursday. You have a problem. You’re short staffed, so you can only afford to let one of them off.

A quick look at your time scheduling software shows that Liz has logged less sick days than Steve in the past 6 months, but has taken more personal time off. Her productivity has also been consistently less than Steve’s, so based on that data, you let Steve have Thursday off.

Of course other factors exist and no program can make your decisions for you, but using a program like Schedule Flow can go a long way towards making informed, fair decisions.

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