Field Service Management Software

You know how zigzagging across town on your service jobs wastes time, and the success of your business depends on your talent to send the right person to the right place with the right information or abilities at the right time. In order to optimise scheduling, inventory and other factors, many businesses are now relying heavily on service management software. The new developments in field service management means your workers can save time and therefore do more work, which means more money for your business.
Here are five things you must do to manage your field workers and their contacts more effectively.

1.  Automate Your Field Service

Your technicians and staff are the face of your company to your clients, and keeping track of their assignments can be quite a task if done manually. Using field service management software for your workforce planning allows you to have a mobile procedure so that you can better deploy your database of these workers. This scheduling software works wonders for companies dealing in installation of equipment and systems, and also for repair service companies.

2.  Embrace Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Technology

If you have an MRM environment, it means that you know the location of your mobile resources, and you’ve already planned their service calls so that they can deal with the workload and enhance customer service. Resource scheduling software has been on the market since the US Defence Department made its GPS signals available for commercial use in 1993.

3.  Get the Most Out of the iPhone

The leading providers of Web based field service management software are now making full-service versions for use on Apple’s iPhone. When your customer contacts your call centre, the information can be processed and sent directly to the appropriate field worker’s mobile phone. If there is a problem, the worker can use the iPhone to communicate with the dispatch centre.

4.  Download One of the Many Service Management Apps Available Today

These apps deliver a remarkably easy-to-use interface for users in the field to get, update and complete work orders. Not only does it work with the iPhone, but you can also use it with the iPad, and your employees can easily document their work using the camera function. The apps give you the ability to control your business more effectively from work order creation and dispatch right through to getting paid.

5.  Integrate Field Service Software With Your Other Computer Systems

You can link field service software with accounting software such as Oracle and QuickBooks to achieve faster results. You can also connect it to customer demand equipment and parts inventory databases, work order management and customer access requirements data, resulting in increased efficiency and error-free programmed operations.

Field service management software frees you from administrative responsibilities so you can spend more time with clients creating new business opportunities. It improves each worker’s output, since it ensures that all everyday jobs, schedules and assignments are completed promptly and in the most efficient manner possible.

If you want to learn more about scheduling software, read more about ScheduleFlow, and you’ll soon see it’s the service management software you need.